Important Fleet Advisory:

FAA Airworthiness Directive AD 2011-07-13 was issued 04 April 2011.
Please consult our “Support” page for further information.

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Aerodyme Corporation offers inspection and repair of your treasured Commander with tender loving care and our unsurpassed knowledge of these fantastic airplanes.

Summary of 2020 Flat Rate Services:

Annual Inspection: $2,495. ($1,495 as an add-on to any Aerodyme STC)
Type Inspection: $3,995

IFR Recertification i.a.w. 91.411 and 91.413: $395.
VFR Recertification i.a.w. 91.413: $295.

Shimmy Damper Refurbishment: $375 + Parts.
Gear Actuator Refurbishment: $375 + Parts.

Annual Inspection rates include inspection labor, AD research and report, timing check and adjustment, compression test, oil change, filter changes, ELT check, brake and hydraulic fluid check and servicing, strut nitrogen service, and battery service.  Oil, filters, and parts and repairs as necessary, are subject to additional charge.

 Our labor rate is $125 per FAA-Certificated Commander Specialist hour.

Aerodyme Corporation offers FAA DER and DAR Services.

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